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The city of Brossard was officially created in&nbsp 1958. It was formerly known under the name of Brosseau, from the name of one of the mayors of the municipality during the 19th century. The founder of the “modern” city, Georges-Henri Brossard, gave his name to the municipality. On January&nbsp 1st, 2002, with the increasing number of merged cities, Brossard was annexed to the large city of Longueuil. On January&nbsp 1st, 2006, however, it decided to re-form. From its exceptional location along the St. Lawrence River and only steps away from the Champlain bridge, which leads to the island of Montréal, Brossard has developed at a very fast pace. Moreover, the ethnic communities represent about 30 &nbsp of the population, which is now more than&nbsp 70,000&nbsp inhabitants. Like many other inhabitants and visitors, you can come enjoy the natural beauty of the important park and green spaces network of the city.

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