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In Maniwaki, a large number of interesting activities await you! At the interpretation center about the history of forest fire protection, you can visit the Château Logue where visual art exhibitions are presented year round and where you will learn how man used imagination to assure a better protection of this natural resource that is the forest. In downtown Maniwaki, the parc du Draveur is dedicated to log drivers. In this park, you will find an imposing steel statue representing a log driver in action. Near the Desert River, you can visit the Pythonga Theme Park, in the middle of which stands a huge log driving boat that towed logs on the Baskatong Reservoir for more than 50 years. This boat could pull up to 400,000 logs for more than 50 kilometres. In summer or in winter, Maniwaki welcomes regional and international events like the Winter Festival, the Pawkaun, the White water Festival and the Festival Images et Lieux.

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Auberge du Draveur

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Auberge du Draveur

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