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The town of Mount Royal was officially created in&nbsp 1912. Mr. Frederick Gage Todd, who is known as the first landscape architect in Canada, designed the plans for the city, inspired from Washington&nbsp D.C.&nbsp with its two boulevards that cross each other in the middle of a green space. In January&nbsp 2002, the town of Mount Royal merged with the large city of Montréal, but was re-formed in&nbsp 2006. An unusual fact, as early as&nbsp 1912, and this up to&nbsp 1917, a&nbsp 5-kilometre long tunnel was built in mount Royal to link the city to Montréal. This tunnel gave the city its development boom. After being an agricultural city for many years, Mount Royal became an industrial city and then a peaceful suburb. Nowadays, with its Rockland centre and its numerous green spaces, the town of Mount Royal became a green oasis for its inhabitants and visitors.

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