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The region of Orford is surrounded by mountains, like mounts Orford, Giroux and Alfred-Desrochers, as well as lakes like Stukely, Bowker, Brompton, Fraser and À La Truite lakes. The main attraction in Orford is without any doubt the parc national du Mont-Orford, which houses the Mont-Orford ski resort, the golf course and the Centre d'Arts Orford. This national park has mature forests mostly composed of sugar maples, mountains, hills and ponds.

You can hike, camp, ski or snowshoe here. At the ski resort, you can choose among three mountains, the highest of which, with its 850 meters, is amongst the highest in the province. Mounts Orford, Alfred-Desrochers and Giroux give you access to four hillsides, seven ski-lifts and 56 ski trails and glade zone trails. The Centre d'Arts Orford, for its part, is a worldly renowned music academy that offers advanced lessons to particularly talented young musicians who are about to begin their professional career in classical music.

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