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With its beautiful fine sand beaches, its water activities on lac des Sables, its winter carnival, its summer theatres, its shops and its accommodations, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts is a first-choice vacation destination. The Boutique and Villa des Arts Liliane Bruneau, located in a magnificent 100-year-old Victorian house, is an innovative concept where arts, music and fashion are mixed together. The Boutique is specialized in women ready-to-wear clothes at a reasonable cost, and the Villa des Arts presents the work of several artists from the region. In summer, a small concert hall is added to this original art gallery. If you want to go on a ride on lac des Sables, the Croisières Alouette will propose you a 50-minute-long commented tour on board of the Alouette VI ship.

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Motel St-Moritz

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