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Global Reservation is a portal that offers you many services and tourism information such as accommodation reservation, all the details concerning festivals, events and activities, as well as news in the world of tourism.

All bookings are made directly with the provider (accommodation establishment, tourist services or others) and not with Global Reservation. Global Reservation is in no way responsible for any problems with a reservation. Global Reservation is not responsible of the prices that are presented by the tourist services and accommodation providers. Global Reservation cannot be hold responsible for any errors, acts or omissions from providers and its employees since Global Reservation has no control over them. Consequently, any incident caused by an eventual error of a provider is the sole responsibility of the provider and not Global Reservation. Global Reservation disclaims any responsibility in connection with any claims there might be (loss, injury, delay, error, negligence, theft, death, refusal to honour a reservation by provider or others).

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If you, dear Client, decide to use Global Reservation’s site, you unconditionally accept all the mentioned terms of use as well as the different notices.

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  • - Photos, logos and texts are the property of each accommodation establishments and you must contact them in order to use the content published on Global Reservation’s site.
  • - All mentioned rates can be modified, since these rates mentions “starting from”, and do not include taxes, service charges or other fees (it is important to always check if the mentioned rates are per person, for 2 or others).
  • - In the case of a phone or online reservation, it is important to give your correct contact details since this information is important for the provider (accommodation establishment). It is important to confirm the cancellation and reservation policies. It is also IMPORTANT to ALWAYS reconfirm your arrival date as well as the number of nights and other information relevant to your stay.
  • - When booking online, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. It is also IMPORTANT to ALWAYS reconfirm your arrival date as well as the number of nights and other information relevant to your stay. Any additional information present in the notes of the online booking will be treated after the reservation. It would be important to verify that everything has been taken into account in your reservation.
  • - Cancellation and reservation policies applied are always those of the accommodation establishment as well as check-in and check-out time. In the case of a last minute cancellation, you must contact the accommodation facility by phone to make sure that your cancellation is confirmed. It is impossible to cancel a prepaid reservation, a non-refundable reservation (advance purchase) or a reservation with a special rate. It is IMPORTANT to read with attention the type of room that you book online.
  • - Global Reservation does not debit your credit card since it is not the merchant with whom you transact. For any problems, you must contact directly the accommodation establishment. Any payment made on Global Reservation’s site via an online booking is secure through the ReservIT system. The credit card numbers are used to guarantee your online reservation.


activities, festivals, events, restaurants and other services

  • - Photos, logos and texts are the property of each provider and you must contact them in order to use the content published on Global Reservation’s site.
  • - All the information listed is the responsibility of the provider and not Global Reservation.
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Arbitration Clause

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The parties mutually waive to initiate any proceeding against the other except by the arbitration process established hereunder, and this for either contractual or extra-contractual claim; a direct claim against the other being possible only concerning an introduction of third parties, a forced intervention of any kind or a procedure involving several plaintiffs or defendants.

The parties hereto agree that the costs of the arbitration shall be shared equally between them and the current provisions of Articles 940 and following of the Code of Civil Procedure, RSQ, c. C-25 shall govern any arbitration held in accordance of the present section. Both parties agree that the arbitration award shall be final, legally binding and irrevocable.

In case of dispute, the parties elect domicile in the judicial district of Quebec City.